This blog is dedicated to the everlasting memory of River Phoenix and the enlightened human being that he was.

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''It's not about career. It's about believing in something, it's about prosperity and it's about caring and emphasizing and wanting to create the best, the most true to life, the most real.''
                                                   - River Phoenix

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River + Caroline Crumpler.

River + Caroline Crumpler.

aleka’s moments

"I was very young, about seven years old, when I first became aware of cruelty to animals. I was traveling by boat from Venezuela with my family. We’d made friends with the crew, whom we liked a lot. Then one day I watched them fishing off the side of the boat. Every time they caught a fish, they’d hurl it against a board that had nails sticking out of it. I couldn’t believe it. These weren’t bad people, but they’d become totally desensitized to the pain they were causing. My brother and I started asking my parents why we had to take animal lives to eat, and what exactly was in our hamburgers and hot dogs. Pretty soon my whole family decided it wasn’t our place to block another creature’s right of way, so we became vegetarians. But it took us kids to start asking the questions."
-  Sassy Magazine, October 1989.

20 Wise Lessons You Learned From "Stand By Me"

plainanddryjokes : Hey, have you seen the new BuzzFeed post about Stand By Me? It's called, "20 Wise Words From Stand By Me." It's pretty great! :)

Just saw it now, pretty great! I’ll post it here, okay?!
Thanks for sharing! :) 

Los Angeles, November 3, 1988 at the Starlight Children Foundation’s fund-raising party.

”He was impossible to take your eyes off of.”

”He was impossible to take your eyes off of.”

"Until I read this just now, I had not realized that yesterday was River’s birthday, and I wanted to share a funny thing that happened with you. My granddaughter is named Phoenyx, and yesterday, at the farmers market, she met a little boy who she was laughing and smiling at…he was talking to her, and it was so cute. His mother asked me her name and when I told her, she said, “that’s funny, his name is River.” We both giggled at the idea, and a strong image of your beautiful son came to mind. I had no idea it was his birthday, but apparently he was coming through in the joy of the children. I thought you might enjoy hearing this. Love and Light to you and your family"
- Amie Hyson on a Heart’s facebook post. (via rivsmemoir)

Anonymous : i like to see that now you answer the asks, thats nice and you seem like a nice person. just to let you know that i'll come back to talk sometimes. xx

Hi! Thank you a lot. <3

I really love receiving those asks, despite not receiving many. I would be very happy to talk whenever anyone feel free to, so you can always come here. 

Anonymous : Hi! Do you know where i can watch "A night in the life of Jimmy Reardon" ?? I can't seem to find it anywhere… ): So I thought maybe you would know… maybe.

I had a link for the film but it is no longer available… I’m sorry. I’ll try to find it somewhere and then I post here for you.

"River was totally different," Van Sant continues. "He has this kind of Mozart quality of just burying himself completely in research. He does it through a sort of osmosis; everything you give him feeds into this plant that’s growing out of the information he’s got. He tape-records things, and talks to people; he has his own sources. It’s more tactile: River will create something out of mixed media – film, writing, records, people talking, this whole wild thing. With Keanu, you give him a book, he’ll read the book. River might read part of the book, and if he’s interested he’ll read the whole book. Keanu will read what you give him like you were giving him instructions: he follows them."

Anonymous : Sweet anon, you are definately not the only one. River will always have a special place in many hearts - mine included<3 BTW, this is a lovley blog!

As long as we keep supporting each other, none of us will be alone. <3 
That’s one of the gifts River gave to us, this connection.

And thank so much. Lots of love for you! :)